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What Makes a Great Leader?

There are so many dimensions to becoming the best leadership version of you, and they are unique depending on your background, experience, and of course mindset.
The beauty of working with a coach is someone to help you explore what YOU need to level up your leadership style.
That said, there's some generic components most people focus on as a foundation to this work, and three’s the Charm...


1. Sheer Will

Many people go through life in the hopes that their natural leadership abilities are lying dormant, waiting to be awoken when it matters most. They admire those who take to global stages to talk about their rags-to-riches stories. They listen longingly to other thought leaders speak with authority and conviction about what it takes to make a great leader, wishing they could be them.


While we can certainly draw inspiration from people around us on how to be a great leader, I’ve got news for you… What you need to be a great leader is already within you. It may not feel like it and if you’re reading this, you may not know how to access it, but we are all capable of far more than we realise. The problem comes because you can’t amount to anything until you do something about it and most importantly BELIEVE you can do something about it. As an experienced professional myself in Leadership Coaching I have got your back and can help you achieve your potential to the point people notice just how great you are feeling, and of course are therefore performing.

2. Confidence

Being a leader who inspires greatness in others isn’t some cryptic conundrum, but it does take the right mix of tools. Sometimes, careful refining or reshaping of these tools is all it takes. The demanding lifestyles we lead and endless lists of tasks, commitments, and more all make it difficult for us to appreciate our own abilities – except as a juggler!


All jokes aside, let me ask you a question. Think about something you REALLY wanted during any point in your life, and that you got. I guarantee it didn’t just fall into your lap! So, how much were you prepared to go through to reach your goal? If your attempts didn’t work the first time, what did you do differently until you achieved your objective?


Inherent leadership skills such as problem-solving and adaptability mean you were able to find a way to achieve a specific outcome. The difference between the leaders and wallflowers of the world is that leaders have confidence in their abilities. With True Story Coaching, we will give you the boost you need to be a confident AND effective leader. True story.

3. Meeting people where they are at

YES, it’s hard. I realise, recognise, and respect that – because I was once there. I also know that what makes a great leader in today’s terms is not what it was 5-10 years ago. People’s needs have changed so vastly and rapidly during this time.


In order to lead in this day and age, we don’t only need to be high-performance leaders, but we also need to be able to serve. This means meeting people exactly where they’re at before giving them your time, energy, and attention.


This is also where you need to put aside your high-level authority and be a human being who understands the real-world challenges of the people who you are leading or mentoring. There are more soft skills that go into how we become a high-performance leader than people think – and this is where I come in.


If you are prepared to put in what it takes, then so am I. As your dedicated leadership coach, I will show you what it takes to be the change you want to see and leave a legacy – whether it’s in your business unit, at home, or within your community. And your legacy as a leader will be based on showing others to do the same. Are you ready to learn how to be a great leader?
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