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I’m Pippa, and this is my True Story…


Without ambitions to work towards, it’s easy to feel like we’re not reaching our full potential.


And in my personal experience, this is key to building a happy, fulfilling life.


This is also why it’s crucial to have effective leaders and mentors to guide us, and, ultimately, understand what makes a great leader.


I come from a typical working-class family and left high school with no further education, but I worked DAMN hard. This was self-leadership in its rawest form, and I must have done something right because I flew through my final year with straight A's.


I left school at 16. I wanted to start earning money and experience life. I landed a few admin jobs, but I was never satisfied. I needed more. HR appealed to me, and I decided that would be the career path I’d follow. I was determined to achieve this goal, despite there being no vacancies at the company I was working for (and having zero HR experience).


I spoke with my boss at the time and we came to an agreement; with his support, I approached the HR director and asked if I could spend a few hours a week helping her team out to learn the ropes. On one condition: I would still complete my admin tasks.


I fell in love with a role more focused on people, but with no openings, I wrote to several local companies asking them to give me a shot at an entry-level position. My experience was limited, but I knew if I persevered that one of them would give me an opportunity.


Eventually, I was offered a six-month contract at Volvo Cars. Six months turned into 12 years, and – after having children – I decided to leave to spend more time at home and become a part-time consultant.


When I was ready to go back out there I was soon snapped up by another company where I worked my way up to board level. After several years there, I left to start my own company doing what I LOVE, which is

inspiring great leadership in others through self-belief and courageous action.

The rest is history. Despite having many years experience in this field, no degree, an ex board member and a serial 'can't sit downer', I have been running by own coaching business since 2020.


A mum to two children now at university, two doggies (Ted - CFO and Rolo - CMO) and wife to my childhood sweetheart, I'd say life is pretty darn good.


It's not always been this easy, anything worth working for never is, but it's possible and entirely within your gift.
Want to work with me to become a high-performance leader? I always suggest speaking first to see if we like each other enough (this is a deep journey we will be going on so it's important!). 

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